hand job

hand job
slang for masturbation
Syn: ↑jacking off, ↑jerking off, ↑wank
Derivationally related forms: ↑wank (for: ↑wank)
Usage Domain:
slang, ↑cant, ↑jargon, ↑lingo, ↑argot, ↑patois, ↑vernacular
Hypernyms: ↑masturbation, ↑onanism

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slang : an act of stimulating the genitals manually usually to orgasm

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an act of masturbation.

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hand job UK US noun [countable] [singular hand job plural hand jobs] very informal
the action of touching or rubbing someone’s sex organs to give them pleasure
Thesaurus: kissing and touching in a sexual wayhyponym

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(also handjob) n. vulgar slang an act of male masturbation, esp. as performed on a man by someone else

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